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When you shop online, you have to start by searching for a product. This can be done by visiting a store’s website, or if you are not aware of any store that has the particular item you are looking for or you’d like to compare prices between stores, you can always search for the items with a search engine and compare the results.

On major retail websites, companies will have pictures, descriptions, and prices. If a company or individual does not have the means to create a website.

Buying and Receiving the Product

After selecting a product, the web pages usually has a “checkout” option. When you check out, you are often given a list of shipping and payment options. Shipping options include standard, expedited, and/or overnight shipping. Depending on the shipping company and your location.

Advantages of Online Trading

There are a lot of benefits gained from buying and selling online. These include:

  • Convenience: It is very convenient to shop from where you are located.
  • Cost Savings: With ever-increasing gas prices, shopping online saves you the cost of driving to stores, as well as parking fees. You will also save time by avoiding standing in line, particularly around the holidays, when stores are very busy.
  • Variety: The Internet provides sellers with unlimited shelf space, so they are more likely to offer a wider variety of products than they would in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • No Pressure: In a virtual or online store, there is no salesperson hovering around and pressuring you to purchase.
  • Easy Comparison: Shopping online eliminates the need to wander from store to store comparing prices.

Disadvantages of Online Trading

There are also disadvantages to buying and selling online. These include:

  • Increased Risk of Identity Theft: When paying for your goods online, it can be very easy for someone to intercept sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, home address, and phone and other account numbers.
  • Vendor Fraud: If the vendor/seller is fraudulent, he or she might accept your payment and either refuse to send you your item or send you the wrong or a defective product. Trying to rectify an incorrect order with a vendor through the Internet can be a hassle.

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